The authentic taste of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Let yourself be captivated by the scent and taste of mountain cuisine, relax in the garden or in our intimate dining room, savor our dishes characterized by the typicality of the territory and the love of those who prepare them.   The idea is to create a quality cuisine by offering traditional dishes and seasonal dishes. In addition to the set menu, in fact, we will offer you winter specialties such as jota, autumn ones like plum dumplings or spring ones like wild herb and flower soup. From cheese appetizers to homemade desserts, from soups to dumplings, from game to vegetable side dishes, what we care about most is selecting the best ingredients.   For those who request it, we also offer excellent vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free alternatives.   Once your stomach is satisfied, you can doze off on the deck chairs or continue your journey along the many trails and cross-country ski tracks in the valley. You will always find us here waiting for you, perhaps at aperitif time, to drink a refreshing draft beer or sip a hugo spritz.

The breakfast

If you like the lazy and quiet awakenings, know that the restaurant will remain open until late morning and expect to find coffee, cappuccinos, teas, juices and a variety of desserts including sweet braid, fluffy and simple four-quarter cakes with ancient grains, and who knows, sometimes even good homemade bread.

The breakfast
No matter how many mountains I have seen, nothing equals the Giulie. The dreams of youth created the homeland of my soul.
Julius Kugy


Our snack:

  • Cold meats and mixed cheeses from the area : raw ham, De Monte smoked salami, bacon, speck, lard and mixed cheeses from malga served with fruit jams and croutons with horseradish sauce.
  • Only cheeses : 5 tasty tastes with jams and pickles (Montasio dairy, Malga Grantagar, Zore goat cheese, Ricotta di Ugovizza, La Ugovizella) or others ... to decide (Bunker's Dairy, cheese in hay etc.)
  • Farmer's lard and honey : from the Shira Baron farm on rye bread croutons.


  • Pottage
  • Tagliatelle with meat sauce and venison meatballs
  • Speck dumplings with melted malga butter and grated smoked ricotta
  • Tricolor Spatzle with sclopit
  • Potato gnocchi with dandelion pesto and flakes of Montasio Val Canale


  • Venison and polenta with Mulino Tuzzi wholemeal flour
  • The legendary KUGY dish. Frico, Chiusaforte sausage, mushrooms and polenta
  • Vegetarian gluten-free hamburger with potato side dish
  • Zucchini and ricotta strudel with basil pesto

Side Dishes

  • Salad caps with kimmel seeds
  • Potatoes in tecia or baked potatoes with rosemary and marjoram
  • Classic mixed salad: lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers
  • Summer salad: spelled, boiled green beans, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh basil, oil, pesto.


At the end of the meal, the desserts: In our menu we have two inevitable desserts: the strudel accompanied by a vanilla or cream sauce, and the tarts ! But since we like to amaze you you will find other surprises of our pastry, such as buckwheat cake with cranberries or ricotta, malga and berries yogurt, panna cotta with strawberries and mint, For our doughs we use the flour of Mulino Tuzzi (Patto del Grano) with cereals that come from uncertified organic agriculture.


  • Bulk wine from the Pitacco Agricultural Company, Bianco 2018, Merlot 2018, Cabernet Franc 2018
  • Prosecco Pederiva


  • Stiegl beer - Hubertus on tap from Austria

Bottled beers:

  • Weizen (D) Unser Burgerbrau beer of 0.5
  • Gustl Unser Burgerbrau beer (D) 0.5
  • Non-alcoholic beer Beck's Blue 0.33
  • Hubertus Herren Pils beer 0.33

RADLER (the cyclist's beer)

  • Hubertus Radler 0.33 cl.
  • Hubertus Radler 0.5