Contact page - Rifugio Kugy (Kugy Refuge)

In this page you can send an e-mail and get other informations.

How to get

  • 🚢 On foot, in 10 days if you walk the Cammino celeste (Celestial Way) from Aquileia
  • 🚲 By bicycle, 5 minutes from the Alpe Adria cycle path
  • πŸš‹ By train, 5 minutes from the Ugovizza - Valbruna railway station
  • πŸš— By car, 5 minutes from the A23 highway exit. Exit at Valbruna-Malborghetto-Camporosso and continue left towards Valbruna
  • ✈️ By plane, 127,1 km from Trieste - Ronchi dei Legionari Airport
  • πŸš€ By plane, 92,8 km from Klagenfurt airport

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