Activities page at the Rifugio Kugy (Kugy Refuge)

To fully enjoy your slow holiday we offer you some activities to carry out during the summer and winter. Starting from the Kugy Refuge you can explore the surrounding nature as you like! Whether you love trekking or Nordic walking, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing, whether you are snowshoeing or cyclists, the area offers a chance for recreation for everyone. What if it rains? Don't worry, there is no shortage of indoor activities such as indoor climbing, a visit to the malga to find out how Montasio cheese is made or a trip to the suggestive Raibl mine.


If you are not familiar with winter sports, the summer season in the Julian Alps will offer you various activities to regenerate yourself after the long hibernation. Lovers of trekking and Nordic walking will be able to walk the beautiful paths that branch off into the mountains of Valbruna, Camporosso, Ugovizza and Tarvisio. We remind you that the signage is not lacking and there are accurate hiking maps for orientation.

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Any suggestions:

  • Monte Lussari: an evergreen of the Julian Alps, from whose top enjoy a panorama of the surrounding peaks. For those wishing the gondola lift is also active in summer, otherwise you can reach the Sanctuary on the top by the convenient forest road or the Pilgrim's path.
  • Path of the resonance trees / The Forest Sound Track: 5.5 km route that plunges into the extraordinary spruce forest for the production of musical instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, guitars, pianos, harpsichords, all over the world . Starting from Valbruna you can also reach other points of interest: a site of malformed spruce trees due to pathogenic nodes in the subsoil, a small art park called Altrememorie, the Sabuata source and, in the final part, when you have already reached the wood of the trees of Resonance, you will cross the Abschnitt Saisera, a theme park of the Great War. In this suggestive context, in June, the Risonanze festival is held: music in the woods. This year, given the circumstances, it was canceled and postponed to 2021. In the meantime, however, the digitalization of the path is planned and, thanks to an app, it will be possible to consult multimedia content and an accompanying audio guide to discover the forest and harmonic wood.
  • Thematic path of the Great War (Abschnitt Saisera): we went through it personally and we highly recommend it, not only for its historical value but because there really is to be amazed.
  • Malga Rauna and Cappella Zita: starting from Valbruna you can devote yourself to this easy excursion, to be done even in winter with snowshoes. Take the path Cai 607 and passing through Malga Rauna you can enjoy beautiful views of the Cima del Cacciatore. Sunsets are wonderful on sunny days. At 1515 m you can visit the Zita Chapel that survived the war events of the Great War.
  • Monte Nebria: With an easy circular route, you start from Valbruna and follow the Cai 608 and 658 paths. It is a walk that we recommend to everyone because, albeit with a moderate elevation, it guarantees a 360 ° panorama. The peaks are two, east and west, and the path follows a military track.
  • Grego refuge: starting from Val Saisera and following the Cai 611 path that crosses a beautiful beech forest, you can go up to the Grego refuge. A magnificent view will reveal the Jôf Montasio in its grandeur: Crests of Dragons, North Tower, Amalia, many of the routes that Kugy traveled and that he immortalized in his writings.
  • Jôf di Somdogna and Jôf of Miezegnot: starting right from the Grego Refuge and still covering 400 m of altitude difference, you reach the Somdogna peak. From the saddle of the same name, however, you can take the path Cai 609 and, meeting testimonies of the Great War, reach the top of Miezegnot.
  • Pellarini Refuge and Monte Nabois: the refuge is part of the beautiful setting of the Jôf Fuart group and can be reached with the Cai 616 path, first on a forest track and then on a path. Once you arrive, you must go up to the Grande Nabois.

For Pilgrims

  • Celestial Way or Iter Aquileiense: Are you lost? Follow the fish that symbolizes this 200 km long pilgrimage. The fascinating path that cuts through the entire region is defined as a small spine of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In ten stages, it winds from the city of Aquileia and reaches its last stop right here in the town of Valbruna, and up to the top of Monte Lussari. It is entirely passable from June to September while in winter some sections are covered by snow.


For those who like to jump on their bikes and travel on two wheels we offer the following routes:

  • Val Bartolo, Sella di Bartolo, Malga Acomizza: starting from Camporosso you can follow this beautiful track that winds beyond the Italian-Austrian border.

  • Puanina Bike: the 35 km circuit starts directly from the Kugy refuge. With a vertical drop of 700 meters, it is a path of medium difficulty. The first stretch on the road leads to the comfortable cycle path. Reached the inhabited area of ​​Ugovizza, we proceed on an asphalted and partly unpaved road towards the Nordio refuge (mt. 1420). We then descend to Malga Priu in Val Rauna (1255 m) and from there to the Gortani Refuge (1100 m). Return to Valbruna from the Sella di Vuom in Camporosso. The whole area offers landscapes surrounded by green meadows and various refuges and farmhouses can be reached.

  • Valbruna - Sella Prasnig - Riofreddo - Ortigara - Ciclabile - Tarvisio - Valbruna: with a length of 46 km and a maximum difference in height of 650 meters, the route winds along a cycle path and forest roads. It starts from Valbruna, travels a stretch of the Val Saisera and reaches the Prasnig saddle (1491 m). A penden descent follows.

winter activities in Val Saisera - ski country tracks


For those who do not want to give up on winter walks, the best way is to have snowshoes and venture on the paths of Val Saisera. You will find over 15 km of well-marked trails in the snow. For cross-country skiing enthusiasts there are plenty of slopes that wind along the entire valley, through clearings and magical snow-covered woods. Less than 5 km from Valbruna, the Monte Lussari cable car is also active for lovers of downhill skiing. And always for downhill enthusiasts, the nearby town of Tarvisio offers 25 km of fun.

Any suggestions:

  • Saisera Wild Track: the 11 km ring route winds through the Val Saisera and is accessible to everyone, on foot, on cross-country skis or fat bikes. In addition to the beauty of the winter landscape, along the itinerary you can make a jump in history and visit the places of the front of the First World War.
  • Valbruna Beisner Track: 3.5 km long, the route develops on the plain in front of the town of Valbruna. It is a path suitable for everyone and excellent for relaxing close to the town. For history lovers, it is possible to book a guided tour of the Beisner military fort, completely built inside the rock. For lovers of the genre, the Hensel fort in Malborghetto and the Col Badin fort in Chiusaforte can also be visited in the surrounding area.
  • Pellegrino Path / Cima del Cacciatore: the famous path that leads directly to the top of Mount Lussari is an excellent winter track to be climbed with seal skins. Once on the Lussari you can continue towards the Cima del Cacciatore. In addition to winter, ski mountaineers can also enjoy fascinating and easy excursions in spring: Sella Nabois, Jof di Somdogna, the top of Monte Cocco or Vetta Bella.