The new Rifugio Kugy (Kugy Refuge) website |

An article to introduce the Rifugio Kugy (Kugy Refuge) website, the open source philosophy and our projects.

Finally the new site is online !!

We are happy to announce that our site is also officially online! For its creation we relied on [gatsbyjs] (, an open source framework that is based on the most innovative React (exceptional JavaScript library for creating user interfaces). The site is part of an open source github organization at: and uses the Netlify hosting service, with CDN network. We will talk about this and other related topics in another article.

But after this technical parenthesis, we come to the contents. We wanted to create a website accessible to all and easily navigable. Inside you will find the necessary information regarding the Rifugio Kugy (Kugy Refuge) and the services offered. You can explore the section "sleeping in a refuge" and discover the rooms available, check the prices of the half board and the b & b. Let yourself be inspired by our menu in the "restaurant" section, and find out which gastronomic souvenirs to buy in the part dedicated to the "Shop". Still with regard to food, we decided to activate a useful service that is truly in step with the times: home delivery and take away.

Once hunger is satisfied, all that remains is to exercise. In fact, in the "activities" section we thought to offer you some ideas to better enjoy your stay in Valbruna and surroundings. Many of the routes can be tackled both in summer and in winter but for convenience we have divided the activities according to their best seasonal appearance.

Now, as a last step, you just have to check the contact section, decide a date and call us to book your holiday.